Encouraging, motivating, and instructing people to stay physically active with SMS messaging.

Physical Inactivity
It is widely known that, despite the consequences of physical inactivity, people of all ages struggle with beginning an exercise program, while still more find that staying engaged - once they begin - is often the greatest challenge.
Behavior Patterns
Changing behavior patterns of individuals to encourage the adoption of healthier lifestyles, in general, has long been the Holy Grail for health promotion practitioners. Theories of behavior change abound which are used to offer assistance in public, as well as private domains with focus on assuaging the masses to take better care of themselves and embrace the notion of better nutrition, more exercise and obtaining emotional stability.
SMS Research
In this regard, research has established that the utility of tailored messaging to target populations will result in remarkable changes in adverse behaviors. This has caught the attention of large employers and health insurers, alike, as both are impacted by the costs associated with high utilization of healthcare resources.
To this end, the TexT-ercise proposition was conceived.
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