Inside TexT-ercise

Founded in 2010, Fitness Concierge Services (FCS) provides psychological support services relating to exercise encouragement to the health and fitness industry, body monitoring device manufacturers, general commerce, the health insurance industry and - in the near future - to the public, at large.

A positive support system has been proven to increase the odds that people will enter into - and remain involved in - exercise rich lifestyles. In that regard, FCS embraces the power of cellphone technology and the socialization of its Short Message Service (SMS) as an effective tool for the dissemination of information in the form of tailored, life-changing messages to individuals in need of the support and encouragement necessary to succeed in fitness-related behavior modifications.

As such, FCS developed a unique SMS communication platform that is personal, intelligent, automated and designed to specifically encourage, inform and direct subscribers in achieving exercise-specific lifestyle changes.

Participants (users) complete a background profile on-line which provides data unique to the individual including, but not limited to: exercise-specific goals (weight loss, hypertrophy, endurance, etc.), physical limitations (movement and medical), and psychological barriers which may hinder success. This data is then programmed to automatically populate outbound tailored messaging, or inbound user-appropriate responses.

According to the Care Continuum Alliance the growth of mHealth (mobile health) as a method of delivery of health related information provides "significant opportunities for wellness and population health management (which) will drive care to adopt patient-centered, consumer-empowered 'pull' rather than 'push' model already being realized in the music, travel, book and news industries."

FCS is confident that the TexT-ercise initiative will provide complementary assistance to other mHealth environs, going forward.